What is IoT with condition monitoring ?

Monitor the health and performance of connected machines

Condition monitoring involves measuring variations in indicators such as vibration, temperature, current, flow levels, pressure, etc. This type of IoT-enabled monitoring helps provide insight into the performance, health, and status of connected devices to help manufacturers improve resource utilization and prevent unplanned downtime.

Detect opportunities for improvement

IoT-enabled condition monitoring solutions give manufacturers the data they need to make smarter decisions about operations. By identifying areas for improvement, manufacturers can boost productivity and efficiency while reducing operational costs:

  • Monitor and analyze machine performance to implement necessary upgrades or enhancements.
  • Prevent the need for costly truck rolls by sending the right supplies when needed.
  • Eliminate the need for excessive inventory of spare parts to reduce downtime.

Take corrective action before issues occur

Not only does condition monitoring allow you to determine areas for improvement, but it can also help manufacturers identify potential problems and take the necessary actions before issues occur. With condition monitoring IoT solutions, manufacturers can prevent damage and reduce maintenance costs:

  • Sensors track changes in vibration, temperature, and output to detect any issues with corrosion, wear, misalignment, imbalance, or lubrication.
  • Service maintenance can automatically be scheduled ahead of time to prevent part failure or system damage.
  • Critical outages and unplanned downtime can be avoided by identifying potential equipment failure.
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